Tag yourself in the photo
How to tag friends in a picture on social networks
06/16/2018 | No comments By posting photos of your friends, it’s easy to notify them about it
1 import-export VK
Current methods for linking VKontakte and Facebook accounts
Publishing posts on several social networks takes a long time. We need to go to every social network and every community,
Add-on for VK stickers. Emojiplus is an extension for VKontakte stickers. Installing extensions with free browser stickers
Popular articles Website - what it is and how they work: In detail Online video editor:
How to send yourself a gift in VK
How to find out the unknown sender of a gift in VK
For many, the social network VKontakte has become the place where the user (of course not everyone) spends
Using VK Streaming API with notification in Telegram
VKontakte launched Streaming API, a tool for obtaining public data from VKontakte based on specified key
How to set the cover for a group in Odnoklassniki?
Every group has the right to be special and memorable for the people who attend it. Creator
Main photo in Odnoklassniki: how to add, change or delete
How to change the main photo (avatar) in Odnoklassniki
07/05/2019 This step-by-step instruction is devoted to how to change the main photo in Odnoklassniki. Everyone who
how to get a lot of likes in like
How to get a lot of likes on Instagram - 15 ways + 5 services
How to get likes in Likee? If your account is relatively new, it is advisable to type
How to get absolutely any VKontakte sticker for free
Sometimes you get tired of stickers and want to get rid of them so that they don’t interfere with the use of others
How to start live broadcasts. Live broadcast services. Live
How to start a live broadcast on VKontakte from a computer
Live broadcasts are a brand, of course, not of this year, but it works great until
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