Add-on for VK stickers. Emojiplus is an extension for VKontakte stickers. Installing extensions with free browser stickers

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March 16, 2015

Author: Maxim

Like any other self-respecting social network, VKontakte has support for emoticons. The developers did not reinvent the wheel and introduced into their system a ready-made emoticon format called Emoji.

Emoji currently includes more than 1,000 emoticons, and almost all of them can be sent via the VKontakte social network. To do this you need to know special codes, because not all of them are shown in the message form.

From this article you will learn: a list of codes for all Emoji emoticons that can be sent via VK, instructions on how to add them to your status, and a list of plugins for browsers with different cool emoticon stickers.

  • 1 VKontakte emoticon codes
  • 2 How to put emoticons in VKontakte status 2.1 Stickers for VKontakte for free
  • 2.2 VKontakte emoticons and stickers plugins
  • 2.3 In conclusion

Main functions

  1. Adding additional stickers in dialogues, on the wall, discussions and in social network replies.
  2. Nine different categories of sticker emojis.


  • Russian-language installation.
  • Free.
  • Nice and big set.
  • There is no need to copy the code or save images of the stickers you like.
  • There are no additional windows, the plugin is installed as if the user had simply purchased additional sets of emoticons.


  • The plugin cannot be used on phones or tablets.
  • Stickers appear in messages as graffiti.

Free VK stickers from Durex

An interesting way to obtain stickers is offered by Durex.

Attention! These pictures are intended for adult users only!

So, we follow the script and stock up on cool stickers:

  • Find the official Durex community from your page.
  • We write a simple message: “Hello!”
  • The bot will ask if you have reached the age of majority. We write to him in response: “Yes.”
  • When asked if you would like to receive free stickers, you must answer “Yes” again.
  • The bot will send 8 free stickers. If you want to get a set of 12 pieces, we continue the conversation and answer “Yes.”
  • When asked to indicate the code word, write “Lovesex”.
  • We get a full set of cool stickers!

How to download and install the extension?

On Google Chrome

  1. In order to download the EmojiPlus extension, you need to go to the official website of the Google store, where this plugin is freely available:
  2. After this, you need to read the information about the plugin and click the “Install” button.
  3. In the window that appears, you need to familiarize yourself with the permissions and click on the “Install extension” button.
  4. Next, the automatic installation of the plugin in the browser will begin.

Video on how to install the EmojiPlus extension on Google Chrome:

To Yandex

In the case of the Yandex browser, the installation procedure for the extension is similar.

  1. You need to go to the Google store website:
  2. Then click on the “Install” button.
  3. After reviewing the permissions, click on the “Install extension” button.
    The plugin will be installed automatically in the browser.

How to get sticker chips for VKontakte on your phone

Many users are interested in how to get trendy Pringles sticker chips for free. It's actually very simple:

  • Log in to your VK account from your mobile phone.
  • Using the search form, look for the official Pringles group, go to it.
  • Say hello to the bot and receive a task, which is to make a story with a branded mask. All this can be done only from a mobile device.
  • Record and post a story. Get honestly earned stickers with funny chips.

How to enable and use?

After installing the extension, it will be automatically enabled.

To use EmojiPlus, you need to refresh the VKontakte tab and open messages, click on the emoticons button. The open emoticons tab will already have new sets of emoticons.

EmojiPlus is a good plugin for adding additional stickers to VKontakte. Its alternative is VK Plugin, but the EmojiPlus range is much larger. New sets of VKontakte stickers will help make communication much more colorful and emotional.

It's no secret that the VKontakte social network has a huge selection of stickers. These are graphic images of various characters that allow users to express their thoughts and emotions not with a text message, but with a funny picture. Most stickers must be purchased using votes, which cost money. For many people, it will be a discovery that there is an emojiplus extension for the Yandex browser and other popular web browsers, which provides users with a large selection of different stickers for messages. We will discuss where to download it and how to use it in this article.

Free stickers from the game DOTA2 on VK

Fans of the DOTA2 game can also get a set of treasured stickers on their favorite theme. To do this you only need to go through three steps. Here they are:

  • From your VK account we go to the official DOTA2 community.
  • Click on the “Subscribe” button and watch any video posted on the group’s wall.
  • We watch the video until the minute you receive a notification about sending stickers.

Attention! As a rule, to obtain pictures you need to watch a one- or two-hour video. If you don’t want to waste your time, you can just turn on the player and go about your business. The main thing is that the video is not paused.

Here are simple, easy and accessible ways for everyone to get VKontakte stickers. These can be either neutral pictures or thematic stickers, for which there is a real hunt on the Internet. And the best part is that you don’t have to pay for them, because all stickers are provided absolutely free!

We recommend: How to get VKontakte votes for free


You can download the add-on for your browser in two ways:

  • using the installer;
  • download from the browser add-on store.

The first method can be dangerous because when downloading from unverified sources, an unnecessary or malicious file may be downloaded along with the installer. Therefore, it is better to use the second method, which is safe.

Let's look at the installation procedure for Emojiplus for different browsers.


One of the most popular browsers in our country and throughout the world, Google Chrome, has an extension store 1. Launch the program.

2. Go to the “Settings” section.

3. Select “Extensions”.

4. A new tab will open, where in the lower left corner of the screen there is a button to go to the Chrome Web Store.

5. In the search bar, enter the name of the extension you are interested in “emojiplus” and press the Enter key.

6. An extension will appear on the screen. By clicking on it, the user will open a page with detailed information and reviews.

7. To install the add-on in the browser, you must click the corresponding button on the right side of the screen.

8. After installation, an extension icon will appear to the right of the search bar, which will be highlighted when the VKontakte website page is open.

Yandex browser

This web browser does not have its own extension store, but the Crominium engine used in development and an agreement with Opera Software allow you to install add-ons from their stores. In order to download Emojiplus for Yandex Browser, you must: 1. Open the program and enter the address of the application store for Chrome in the line.

2. Enter the extension of interest “Emojiplus” into the search field and press the Enter button.

3. Click on the add-on that appears.

4. Click the “Install” button.

5. Confirm the action by clicking the “Install extension” button in the window that appears.

6. After successful installation, a corresponding message will appear in the upper right corner of the screen.


Users of this browser are facing a problem when installing the extension. At the moment there is no corresponding add-on in the Opera store. If you use a link from the official Emojiplus group on VKontakte, the browser will report that the page was not found.

Nevertheless, there is a way out of this situation. You can use the Google Chrome online store. To do this, visit the website and follow the steps described in the previous paragraphs.

After clicking the “Install” button, a new window will open in which you need to click the corresponding button again.

All that remains is to confirm the action by clicking the “Yes, install” button.

Now you can use Emojiplus in the Opera browser.


Unfortunately, there is currently no version of Emojiplus for Firefox. Browser users can look for similar extensions in the Mozilla plugin store or wait for the browser version to be released.

In addition to the listed web browsers, Emojiplus can be installed on all programs created on the Chrominium engine. These include: Amigo, Comodo, Orbitum.

Setting up and using the add-on

After installation, the user will have access to new stickers that he can use when sending messages and writing comments on the VKontakte social network. Before you start working with Emojiplus, you should go to the website with your username and password.

You need to use the browser in which the extension was installed.

In order to add new stickers to your account, you should go to the add-on settings.

The page that opens will display information about all currently available emoji. To download new ones, you need to click the “Add new stickers” button.

After this, you can use new stickers when corresponding. To do this, simply select the required option from the list of options.

The Emojiplus browser extension is a great opportunity to get and use a lot of stickers for free on the VKontakte social network. It will help save money in case the user previously purchased such sets for a fee.

It's no secret that the Yandex browser seems to be one of the most convenient and fastest programs designed for visiting sites, portals and other web pages. In addition, this application is able to offer users incredibly wide functionality, allowing them to add many new features to the program. Some of them may change the design of the application, while others add truly new features.

One of these extensions are emoji smiles, which, after installing the appropriate application, can be used on the VKontakte social network.

Program with stickers for VK

For Android there is a free program called “VK Stickers”. This application can diversify your conversations and make them more rich. The program has a lot of stickers, mostly of humorous content. You won’t waste time searching for what you need, because they are all divided into categories, so you can quickly use each sticker in personal correspondence. And thanks to the preview, you will know for sure that you are sending the right image.

Before you start using the application, you need to log in or register on VKontakte. If you have already done this, you will need to allow the use of personal data. The program user gets access to the following sections:

  • Stickers. They are provided in various themes, and there are also animated characters.
  • Dialogues. Correspondence with friends on VK.
  • Friends. You will be able to see everyone who has been added to the corresponding section.
  • My sets. Used during correspondence with interlocutors.
  • Latest. The most recently sent images are saved.
  • Saved. These are featured images that have been added to quick access.

There are also pictures that are in limited access; sometimes you may need to reboot to use them. The application itself should tell you this.

How to use

Near each set there is a special lever, by clicking on which you activate a group of stickers. You can send a sticker directly from a category; to do this, click on the image and move it to an active conversation or comment. In addition to regular emoticons, you can send sets to friends.

After selecting the desired section, similar queries that are similar in topic will be displayed in the top line. You can study the pictures in detail, see how many emoticons are included. When using the Android application, you will always communicate with your friends on a pleasant note.

The essence of the application

Before we take a closer look at the features of emojiplus for the Yandex browser, you need to learn more about this extension. As mentioned earlier, it is intended for adding popular emoji emoticons to the VKontakte network, distinguished by a memorable style and interesting performance.

Initially, this application was developed for the Chrome browser, in whose application store it is still available today. However, it is quite successfully able to work with the Yandex browser, since it was created on the basis of Opera and Chrome, which allows it to use most of the extensions designed for these programs.

This application has a number of features, advantages and disadvantages that should be studied before installing it.


Like any other application, emoji smileys have their own distinctive features. First of all, their positive qualities should be noted, such as the possibility of free use, the presence of Russian-language localization, an impressive arsenal of emoticons and many others.

Using such an extension allows account owners on social networks to correspond, adding the necessary ones.

IMPORTANT! Despite the fact that this extension allows you to add emoticons to any text field opened in the browser, it gained the greatest popularity on the VKontakte social network.

Disadvantages and Alternatives

But the application also has a number of disadvantages that can interfere with its comfortable use. These include:

  • The initial placement of symbols instead of emoticons, from which later, images are displayed. This drawback is due to the peculiarities of the development of this add-on;
  • Lack of support for mobile gadgets, which significantly complicates the use of the extension and reduces its potential audience.

At the moment, there are several alternative options for those for whom, for one reason or another, this application is not suitable. First of all, this is Vkplugin, which stands out with its impressive set of tools, as well as its compatibility with all modern mobile devices. Among other things, it allows you to download various types of content from the social network, adjust the style of the page to your needs, and much more.

Quite strongly reminiscent of this program and the VK Stickers application. In it, users have access to numerous pictures, stickers and emoticons, which are guaranteed to brighten up communication.

How to install VK Voice Stickers on PC

The Android application can be run on a Windows-based computer or laptop. To do this, you will need a special emulator program on your PC. One of the most popular is BlueStacks. You can download it from our website using the link at the bottom of the review.

The first step is to download and install the emulator on your computer. It will allow you to run applications and games created exclusively for the Android OS. Next, in the program, you enter the details of your Google account, the one that is open on the mobile device. All that remains is to find the application you are looking for and download it.

Click "Install"

Log in

Enter the name of the application in the search

Thus, you can download VK Voice Stickers to your PC and conveniently continue communication in a new format on a wide screen.

Video review

Video to help

Emojiplus is a browser extension that allows you to get a large number of free emoticons and stickers on the VKontakte social network. After installing it, you will be able to write comments and messages adding a large number of different emoticons completely free of charge.

The Emojiplus extension offers a huge selection of all kinds of stickers on a variety of topics. In this article, we will look in detail at how to install the Emojiplus browser extension, how to use it, and where to get stickers for messages.

You can download the Emojiplus extension for the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome;
  • Yandex browser;
  • Comodo Dragon;
  • Orbitum;
  • Amigo;
  • Chromium.

You can install Emojiplus in two different ways: download it on the Internet or install it directly through the settings in the Internet browser you are using. Let's take a closer look at the second option - since it is more secure and involves installation from an official and trusted source. Be extremely careful when downloading archives and files from third-party sites. Before installation, they must first be checked for malicious files, etc.

For Google Chrome

Let's look at installing the extension in more detail using a specific example - for the Google Chrome browser.

For Yandex browser

How to get free stickers in the store

The easiest way to get free stickers is to pick them up at the store. Here's how to do it:

  • On your page, open a dialogue with the user, click on the smiley icon.
  • Select the most recent picture in the bottom line with emoticons. This is the store icon.

  • In the window that opens, click the “Free” tab and select any group of stickers you like.
  • By clicking on the “Free” button, we automatically install stickers on your panel. You can see them in your smile menu.

Attention! If desired, the user can add any number of free stickers.

How to use the extension

You can only use the plugin directly in your VKontakte account. To do this, go to the website, enter your username and password, and log in to your page. Emojiplus will supplement the list of available stickers with a large number of all kinds of emoticons. You can add them completely free of charge when sending messages and comments on VKontakte.

After installation, you need to update your VKontakte page. In order for new emoticons to be added to the set, you need to open the window with stickers and click on the “Update list” icon in the lower right corner. After that, additional sets with various pictures will appear in it, which you can use completely free by attaching them to messages.

To do this, go to the “Message” menu and select any user to send a message. Click on the emoticons located at the bottom of the window to enter a message.

Additional active sticker icons will appear in front of you. You can use active stickers freely and without additional payment. In essence, they simply complement the standard set of free stickers and emoticons on VKontakte. Select the appropriate sticker and click on it with the mouse, it will be automatically added to the message and sent to the user.

These images are divided into sets of different themes. There are, for example:

  • cats;
  • dogs;
  • foxes;
  • raccoons;
  • DotA;
  • pappy;
  • summer;
  • and others.

Each picture reflects some emotion. Therefore, in order to reflect your feelings, simply attach a sticker to your message, and the interlocutor will understand everything without words. After all, it’s not always possible to explain your mood, but if you send a funny emoticon, it will become clear whether you’re sad or happy, or maybe you’re not feeling well. These things are designed for these and many other situations.

Free stickers for VKontakte can significantly diversify your conversations. They will make comments more concise and richer. Choose the kit you like and add it to your account. No need to pay money, use everything freely.

This is implemented through a special add-on that is installed in the browser. Its database is regularly updated, which allows you to immediately receive newly released sets. Also in the downloaded archive you will find an online catalog from which you can instantly get the sticker you need and send it without installing any plugins.

How to get paid VK stickers for free for your phone

In other words, you have the VKontakte client installed on Android, and you want to somehow get stickers from it. Okay, this is also possible.

To do this, go to the Play Market and enter the request “Set of stickers for Vkontakte”. Install the specified application on your phone.

Now launch the program and select the stickers that you want to see in your VK application; of course, you will first be asked to log in through your account. It is safe.

Next, go to the dialogues tab and send the sticker you like to any person. - on this service you can get a large number of likes on photos, videos and recordings and many other services in VK at very low cost.

Video instructions for receiving VKontakte stickers



OS: Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / XP Browser: Chrome / Firefox / Opera / Yandex Browser / IE Type: browser extension Build date: 2017 Platform: PC / android / iOS Publication type: collection Interface language: Russian Medicine: not required

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