Adding music to VK is easy! Simple instructions for beginners

The social network VKontakte is used not only as a means of communication between friends. A lot of people use it to listen to and store music. And it's really very convenient. Music on VKontakte is uploaded to fairly high quality. In addition, you yourself can add audio recordings from your computer to your playlist. Now we will try to learn how to search for music, as well as download music files directly from your hard drive.

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Rules and features to consider

The huge social network VKontakte has a special section for audio recordings, in which everyone can add the music they like or upload their own tracks. However, you need to remember that VKontakte has put forward a number of rules and conditions for audio files. You can download a track only under the following conditions:

  • Mandatory format – mp3;
  • One audio recording does not weigh more than 200 MB;
  • Copyrights must be respected;
  • The contents of the file do not violate the laws of the Russian Federation.

All other audio recordings can be downloaded without fear of deletion.


How to upload a track to VK through a downloader there or some program, I have music on my computer, more than 1000 songs?

Artem, hello. You won't find such programs on the Internet.

Why doesn't VK load music on the phone when the screen is turned off, the music just stops playing (on a Samsung phone)?

Hello. All phones have a 30-minute limit on background audio listening (there are ways to bypass this).


How to upload music to VK

You can upload your music to VK from a computer and laptop, as well as from a phone and tablet.

From computer

  1. The audio file itself must be located on the hard drive of your computer or laptop.
  2. Log in to your profile, go to the “Music” tab
  3. Find the Explorer window and click on the “Download Audio File” button.
  4. Select the desired entry and add it.

    Adding music to VK is easy! Simple instructions for beginners

Via phone

But how to upload music to VK via phone? You cannot add the song you like using the mobile application, since there is simply no such option there. But you can use the extended mobile version. To do this you need:

  • Open the “Full version” of the site in your smartphone browser;
  • The rest of the sequence is the same as when downloading an audio recording via a computer.

From search

Another quick and convenient option is saving music from the search. It uses an internal search, through which you can easily find the song you need. After entering the audio title or artist name, a list of tracks with matching recordings will appear. Choose the one that suits you and add it to your music using the plus sign.

However, remember that you should initially listen to the song and make sure that it is the one you were looking for. It is very common to upload audio with an inappropriate title.

We solve possible problems

Anyone who has used this service at least once in their life may have noticed that it does not always work correctly. Let's look at the most popular problems.

Doesn't load music from computer. This is a general problem, and we need to figure out what’s going on more specifically:

● Internet connection lost. In principle, this can happen both on your side and on VK servers. After all, VKontakte is not Google; they have fewer servers and are less powerful. Therefore, glitches and freezes with VK are observed much more often.

● You have a slow computer. Many models of computers and laptops slow down when they try to upload music to VK. This is affected by a small amount of RAM or a weak processor. Of course, this manipulation is not the most difficult, but if Microsoft Word takes you a minute or more to open, and Photoshop refuses to start at all, perhaps this is a sign that you need to quickly update your hardware.

● The audio file has the wrong resolution. In principle, there are no wrong resolutions, but it is best to upload files in .mp3 format. It is officially recognized that although this is not the best format for preserving quality, most files have exactly this ending.

● Or maybe your file is large? Many recorders, such as the Zoom H1, record the audio stream in .wav format. Ten minutes of such a recording - and you simply won’t be able to upload it to VK because the file size is exceeded. And if you use a special Android application that you installed in 2021 to record audio in higher quality, then most files may exceed the allowable size.

Remember, VK is not a file hosting service; this social network has limitations. And they are not connected with the whim or demands of copyright holders (more on that later), but with the limitations of servers.

Separately, you should be aware of problems with downloading audio files when a notification appears that the composition is protected by copyright. In this case, of course, you must reconsider your desire and answer the question, why are you doing this at all? Please understand that if you upload something online, you are responsible for it.

It's one thing to write a message, but quite another to upload digital information and make it publicly available. Yes, VKontakte has long been considered a hotbed of pirated information, because here you can find music, films, and books, but the administration is still vigilant about preserving copyrights.

Music VKontakte

There are technologies for uniqueizing an audio track; you can do this from an iPhone using a special application, but I won’t teach you this, because I think it’s wrong. Well, in fact, if we download from torrents, this is one thing, but if we download ourselves and contribute to piracy, it is completely different.

Another problem arises when you upload a video in which a famous song or tune is playing in the background. In this case, a copyright infringement notice may also arise. It's a shame, but what can you do? You may not distribute files that are not your property, even if 99% of the information in them was created by you personally.

Where do you want to add music?

We figured out how to add music to VK, but where to post it and how to share it with friends? Music can be added not only to personal audio, but also attached to a photo on the wall, uploaded to a group, playlist or dialogue.

To the group

Almost all users of this Russian social network are faced with the question of how to add music to a group. In fact, the instructions are almost no different from those discussed earlier. The main thing is that a section with audio should be open in a group or public page.

To add it you need:

  1. Go to community settings
  2. Go to management
  3. Click on the “Sections” tab and turn on audio recordings.

    Adding music to VK is easy! Simple instructions for beginners

In groups, the music section is divided into two types:

  • Open. Anyone can add songs to it;
  • Limited. Only people involved in the community (for example, an administrator) will be able to upload audio.

To add music to a public page, you need to:

  1. Open the group itself
  2. Click on the “Add audio recording” item on the right side of the menu
  3. Select and upload the appropriate file.

    Adding music to VK is easy! Simple instructions for beginners

At the same time, the collection of songs in public differs from personal audio added to the user’s page.

Attach to photo and post on the wall

In this way, safely add songs both to the community and to your personal page, because music can be found not only in the lists of personal audio recordings.

To publish tracks on the wall you will need:

  1. Log in to VKontakte
  2. Find the section “What’s new with you?” and follow the icon with a note next to it
  3. Select the audio you are interested in (you can only attach music that has already been published on the social network, that is, you won’t be able to upload a new file);
  4. Post the track on the wall.

To attach tracks to a photo, you need to add the picture itself to the photo album, go there and leave the first comment. In it you need to click on the paperclip icon and select the button with a note.

Add to playlist

One of the most convenient and useful functions is the ability to create a personal playlist on a specific topic or mood. You can combine all your favorite tracks.

The first step is creating the playlist itself. To do this, you need to go to the music section and find the “Add playlist” button on the right side.

Adding music to VK is easy! Simple instructions for beginners

In the window that appears, indicate the name of the future collection and its short description. An area for clicking “Add audio recordings” will also appear. By clicking on it, you can fill the playlist with your favorite music from a search on VKontakte or from your personal collection. You just have to mark the selected tracks with a special tick.

Adding music to VK is easy! Simple instructions for beginners

When finished, click the "Save" button.

Songs can also be added to a ready-made music selection. To do this, you need to play the required audio recording, click on the three dots, click on the “Add to playlist” button and select the collection to which you want to add the song.

Into dialogue

Many users are interested in how to share music in a conversation with a friend.

  1. Find the person you want to send the audio recording to.
  2. Select the option to send messages.
  3. If you are on a computer, then click on the paperclip icon. After this, a window will appear in which you need to select the “Attach audio recording” section.
  4. If you are using a mobile application, then also click on the paperclip, and then go to the music section.
  5. Select the entry you are interested in.
  6. Send a message.

Playlist and adding music there

To add an audio recording to a playlist on VK, first create it. To do this, you need to go to the “music” section again and click on “playlists”, “add playlist”. (Figure 8).

adding music to a playlist

Next, enter the playlist name and description. Then click save. After saving, your playlist will appear in your list. You can upload music there as follows. Click again on the created playlist and add audio recordings. Music can be distributed in order and then you will know where it is.

Possible problems that users often encounter

From time to time, every VKontakte user encountered problems of various types. Some of them just arise during the publication of audio recordings.

Possible problems:

  • The format is not suitable. In this case, it is recommended to use special programs so that the file is in the required format, namely mp3.
  • Unstable Internet. You should contact the provider's technical support.
  • Content prohibited by Russian laws. Unfortunately, you won't be able to download such music.
  • Problems with network servers. Wait a few hours.

Creating a cover for a VKontakte song

Each audio track has a small cover. Almost every song has a block with an image, it’s just not added everywhere. Unfortunately, there is no step during loading during which you can choose an avatar. Only the copyright holder himself has the right to add a cover. Files manually uploaded by users remain with the standard blue-gray image.

Previously, you could upload an avatar by manually adding an image. But the social network's policy has changed.

Creating a cover for a playlist

When creating a playlist, you can add an image that will later serve as the cover image. To do this, go to the music section and click on the “Add playlist” icon. In the settings window there will be a rectangle with a plus in the center. Tap on it and download the cover for your collection.

Adding music to VK is easy! Simple instructions for beginners

If the playlist has already been created, then hover over it and click on the brush drawing. After this, the same settings window will appear, in which you can change or add an image.

In some cases, the song image is not detected by the social network. This is due to the size of the audio file.

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