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Every page on the site should be useful. The PR-CY blog already has an article on how to properly create an “About Us” page and what information about the company can influence. The article is based on research conducted by.

As part of the same work, they studied user interaction with contact pages: how people find these pages, how they interact with them, and what information they expect to see. Conclusions and advice on the composition and placement of the “Contacts” page are in this article along with the conclusions of the study.

How to create another page on VK

How to create a new page in VK?

Today, social networks are one of the most convenient ways to maintain contact with a wide range of acquaintances. In the CIS space, the most successful project is considered to be the brainchild of Pavel Durov - the social network VKontakte ( Having your own page on this resource, you will be able to maintain constant contact with friends and family, look for new acquaintances, and develop professionally and creatively. In other words, is a convenient format for maintaining social activity on the network. Therefore, if you have not yet created your own page on this network, it makes sense to think about the benefits of such an undertaking.

How to create a VKontakte page

To create a page on social media. The network first needs to go through a simple registration procedure. For convenience, we present everything in the form of an algorithm:

  • Go to;
  • Enter your first and last name in the appropriate field;
  • Click the “Register” button;
  • In the appropriate field, enter your country of residence and your mobile phone number;
  • An SMS message with a code will be sent to your phone, which must be entered in the field provided for this purpose;
  • Click the "Submit Code" button;
  • Create a password to log in (preferably as complex as possible to avoid the page being hacked).

So now you have your own page. All you have to do is fill out your personal information and add a photo.

How to create a second VKontakte page

To create a second page, you must go through the entire above procedure again, first logging out of your account by clicking the “Log Out” button. Please remember that one mobile phone number can only be used to create one page. From here it is obvious that to register a new account you will need a different number. However, you don’t have to buy a SIM card for your main account; there are other methods. Read more about them in this article.

how to create another VKontakte page?

how to create another VKontakte page?

  1. How to create a 2nd page in VK?
    Many people ask this question. You need to download the vk application and click on the “register” button, enter the number, etc., but when you write messages from the second page, you will see a sign “bind number.” You don't click and confirm it. PS this is how I registered
  2. A registered user must send you an invitation to your phone from his page, there is something like that in the settings or somewhere else, send yourself an invitation if you are already registered but want another page
  3. First, create another email address at
    Follow the “register” link on the specified page. Fill out all the fields of the form, add your mobile phone numbers below, wait, in half a minute you will receive an SMS. Enter the SMS code in the field that will be asked to fill in, agree, that's it, you're done. Receive an email notifying you that you now have another mailbox.

    Now with this new mailbox you can register in “VKontakte”. Create a new VKontakte account.

    To do this, exit your “In Contact” page - the white “exit” button on the panel at the top right.

    You will be taken to a page where at the top left it is suggested to go to “Contact”. Click the “register” button and log in with a new name. Good luck. )

  4. Clava
  5. Under a different name

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Create a VKontakte page

Home› Create a VKontakte page The website is informational!
The site has no malware, viruses or hacking methods. It’s worth noting right away that you won’t be able to register on VK without a mobile phone number. Since 2012, VKontakte has taken precautions and linked the profile to the owner’s mobile number. This was done in order to minimize fraudulent activities on the social network.

But there is one workaround for how to create a VKontakte account without a phone number. You can register an account with a virtual international number that will receive SMS. You can also install a special program for your computer. In this case, you do not need to indicate your personal number. To do this, you need to register on a specialized website. For example, There are a huge number of such services on the Internet.

How to create a second VKontakte page for one number?

If you need an additional account in VK, and you want to know how to create a second VKontakte page with the same phone number, then it should be noted that there are no tricks here. This can be done very simply, since you only need one phone number. To do this, you need to create a profile and link it to your email. In the “My Settings” section there is a “Alerts” category.

After confirming your email, you need to unlink the number from your profile. This way, you free up your phone for re-registration. You can do this several times, but the email address on the profiles must be different.

How to create a fake VKontakte page?

Fake pages are created in order to hide one's identity and personal data. Fake accounts are very easy to create. You can specify a virtual international number during registration, which can be obtained for free on special services, and fill in the registration fields with false information. To do this, you need to indicate the last name and first name of the person whose page you want to clone, and you can also specify any data.

How to find out who created a fake VKontakte page?

It is almost impossible to find out who the creator of a fake page is. The only thing that can be found out is its IP address. If someone created a fake page with your data and photos, then you can contact VK technical support. Administrators will block the fake account.

How to create many VKontakte accounts?

Every person can create several VK profiles. To do this, you only need one mobile phone number and several email addresses. If you are registering for the first time, you must first fill out the registration form and indicate your number. After this, a link is made to the mail and the number is unlinked from the account. You can link many profiles to one phone number. This is not prohibited in VKontakte.

You can also create 2, 5 or 10 accounts in VK by linking each page to a new number. In this case, confirmation via email is not required. All this can be done with an existing number.

Create an account in VK

If you don’t know how to create a new page on VK without a phone number, then special services will come to your aid where you can get a virtual international number. To create a profile on VK, you need a mobile phone number. Registration in VKontakte is carried out as follows:

  • go to the “Registration” field;
  • indicate the country and mobile number;
  • confirm the code;
  • come up with a password;
  • log into your account.

At this point, the registration stage in VK is completed. Now you can use all the options that the social network offers.

How to find out the creation date of a VK page?

When registering in VK, each account is assigned a serial number or ID address. Looking at that number, you can understand how long ago the page was created. You can find out the ID address by going to the page you are interested in. A number will be shown at the top of your browser's address bar. You can determine the creation date of the page by the number:

  • up to 100,000,000 – the page was created in 2010;
  • up to 180,000,000 – in 2012;
  • 280,000,000 and more – in 2015-2016.

The higher the address number, the later the page was created. It is impossible to find out the specific date and month the profile was created. You will be able to determine the year the account was created.

How to create a Wiki page on VKontakte?

Almost everyone has seen links to other public pages in in various communities and groups. They are in every group. Usually you are asked to follow this link to read the article you are interested in, and you are taken to a landing page. There is a large post on this page with inserted pictures. This note looks very impressive. But it was created in order to attract the attention of community members.

If you want to know how to create a VK Wiki page, then there is nothing complicated here. To do this, you need to create a link of page. XXX is the ID address of the wiki page. Next, you should follow this link and fill in its content.

How to create a page on VK using mail?

If you want to register on VK without specifying a phone number, search for “how to create a VKontakte page via email” in a search engine. You should know that this option is no longer valid, since account registration is carried out by linking it to a phone number. But email may be needed if you want to create a second account. How to create a second VKontakte account? Everything is very simple.

After creating the first page, unlink the number specified during registration from it. Next you need to enter your mailbox address. Only after this can you register another new, second page for the same number.

How to create a public page on VKontakte?

Creating a public page is quite easy. To do this, your VK page must be attached

Scandals around VKontakte and unprofitable years

In 2011, the FSB asked to close political opposition groups registered on VKontakte. But Durov’s team ignores pressure from the intelligence services, explaining that the social network is an apolitical project that does not express support for any of the parties.

Then the work of the project was significantly affected by anti-piracy laws - the administration had to carry out the so-called cleansing of content on social media. Further, the United States accuses the domestic social network of providing access to intellectual property without obtaining permission from the copyright holder. In general, there were quite a lot of similar cases.

The Mail.Ru Group holding reports that from 2008 to 2011. VKontakte was a profitable project, but in 2012 the project suffered a net loss of 210 million rubles, and in 2013 – 137 million rubles.

How to create a new page in contact?

Creating a new page in Contact is absolutely no problem. Even if there are already ten old ones. However, there is one catch. When registering, you must provide a new phone number each time. This rule was introduced by the administration of the social network quite a long time ago for security purposes and to combat spam.

Not everyone has the opportunity to purchase a bunch of SIM cards. Therefore, difficulties may arise with the creation of a new page in the presence of an old one. In addition, there are cases when a user deleted a page with an associated number, and then wanted to create a new one. During registration, for some reason the previously entered phone number is not “quoted”, and the person does not have another one. Is there a way out of such situations?

Is it possible to create a new page in Contact for the same number?

It is impossible to legally create several VK pages for the same number. This is excluded by the rules of this social network. However, if the user has already deleted a page on VK, how to create a new one for the same number?

Unfortunately, this is practically impossible. The phone will remain linked to the deleted page, and you will not be able to register a new one for it. Unless, after a sufficiently long time, the information will be eliminated from the database.

Alternatively, you need to unlink the phone number from the page before deleting it. Previously, this was easy to do by linking an email instead of a number. However, now there is no such possibility. If you unplug one phone, you need to replace it with another. This option is not suitable for many.

Therefore, you have to resort to tricks and use services that issue temporary numbers. They are easy to find on the Internet. That is, a person registers there, registers a number in his name, then goes into the VK settings and changes his original phone number to a “fake” one. Then it calmly deletes the page and easily registers a new one.

How to create a new page in contact if there is an old one?

Much more often than the above, situations arise when no one is going to delete anything, but you just need to open a new account. For example, for doing business online or for other purposes. How to create a new page in Contact without deleting the old one?

You can use the “services” of another social network – Facebook. However, to do this, you need to create (if you don’t already have one) a page with a real phone number and a confirmed email address that is not tied to VK.

If you have a Facebook account, simply open the mobile version of VK (this number will not work with the full version) and click the “log in via Facebook” button. When registering, you will have to enter certain information, but no one will ask for a phone number. The whole operation will take just a few minutes.

It should be noted that for those who registered in VK even before the innovations, that is, before 2012, and did not link their number to their account, but only their email, today you can easily create a new page if you have an old one.

Because the whole point is in the phone.
If it's not illuminated yet, then everything is fine. Share the article on social networks:

How to Use Internal Pages to Increase Engagement and Follower Counts

Many owners underestimate the importance of internal pages. And this is a mistake. Its interface includes important features:

  • creation of targeted advertising on VKontakte, landing pages;
  • you can create colorful posts, community menus;
  • arrange competitions.

All these features will allow you to interest a wide range of social network users.

How to create a second VKontakte page

Have you decided to create a second VKontakte page? This can be done easily if you have a SIM card that is not yet connected to the network.

Why do users need multiple pages?

Many people are now running home-based businesses. Using social network resources, they sell handmade jewelry, natural cosmetics, and designer clothes. VKontakte was also chosen by the organizers of joint procurements.

Creating a second page for them is an opportunity to conduct business without compromising their personal page. There are many advantages:

1) Advertising posts do not clutter up the feed.

2) There is no personal information on the page.

3) If the personal page is blocked, the work page continues to function.


The registration procedure is simple. The user will need a mobile phone and five minutes of free time.

1) Go to the main page of VKontakte.

2) Enter information about yourself and click “Register”.

3) Confirm registration by entering an active phone number. We remind you that it must be free at the time of registration.

4) We are waiting for the confirmation code, which should come in an SMS message. Pay attention to the countdown below the window for entering the digital code. After it expires, the code will be sent again.

5) Come up with a password and enter it in the appropriate window. Using simple number combinations, such as date of birth, is not recommended. Attackers can easily hack such pages. It is better if the password consists of Latin letters and numbers.

6) Click “Log in to the site.” Congratulations! Now you are a newly minted user of a popular social network.

Registration without phone number

Many users try to register without providing a phone number. Since 2014, this has not been possible. There are no legal ways to bypass this requirement.

Users who created a VKontakte page before the innovation can, as before, log in by providing an email address. However, the system constantly warns about risks and asks you to enter a valid phone number. It is also possible to register through the American Facebook network.

You can also look at the recordings

How did a meeting between two classmates grow into a successful IT project?

Everyone knows that the main creator of VKontakte is Pavel Durov, a bright personality and a talented programmer. Even during his student years, he actively developed, for example, he created the forum of St. Petersburg State University.

By chance, his classmate Vyacheslav Mirilashvili, with whom they lost contact 7 years ago, found out about this. While studying at an American university, Vyacheslav noticed how quickly social networks were popularizing. With this idea, he “came” to Durov, sending a fateful letter to his email. Soon they were discussing the promising idea of ​​finding classmates and fellow students via the Internet.

By the time VKontakte was developed, Durov had almost everything - knowledge and experience in programming, an understanding of the target audience and a base of loyal student forum participants, but no money. This issue was resolved by Mirilashvili.

How to create a second page on VKontakte? How to register two pages?

Today we will talk to you about how to create a second VKontakte page. This is a rather interesting question that is beginning to worry users more and more. Especially those who prefer to work through social networks. So let's start studying it.

But before that, let’s try to figure out one more very interesting thing with you. More precisely, we will try to understand when a new VKontakte page is really needed.

Such “spare” questionnaires are necessary for store clerks. We are talking about online stores that make their main profit by attracting users from social networks. So, a person can not “clutter up” his profile, but simply use a working profile. After all, the new VKontakte page, as a rule, serves precisely this purpose.

"VKontakte" page.

If the page is out of date

The first scenario is when the user already has a profile, only it is very, very old. About 5 years ago. At that time, it was customary to link all profiles to the user’s email.

Owners of old pages are very lucky. After all, they won’t have to find a way to create a second VKontakte page. It is enough just to register it according to the new scheme. That is, link directly to your mobile phone. That's all the problems. Enter your login, password, your first/last name, and then your mobile number. VKontakte pages created in this way are usually very easy to restore after being hacked.

True, there are other options for the development of events. For example, what should users do whose pages are already linked to their mobile phone? Let's try to understand this difficult issue.

Option "zapara"

Let's try to use one interesting technique that, unfortunately, does not always work. For it you need to have a page linked to your phone. It is with such a questionnaire that we will work.

First of all, go to “VKontakte” (“Login” - “My Page”). By the way, if you link a second profile, your login will remain the same, but the password will be the one you set. After you log in, all you need to do is go to “My Settings” and see how your mobile phone number is indicated. Change its first digit, and then register your profile using the same mobile number.

As already mentioned, this option does not always work. So to speak, it is based purely on the luck of the users. Thus, if you want to know how to create a second VKontakte page, then another scenario will suit you.


So, now we will try to register a new profile using specialized applications. Now this method is considered quite popular among most users.

For it, you will have to find a special program for VKontakte, which expands the standard functions of the social network. This includes reading other people’s messages, exiting all public pages “in one fell swoop,” and creating a second profile.

You just need to log in to the application and then select the function to create a new profile. Next, you will see the familiar registration page, where you will need to come up with a password, first/last name and fill out some personal information. The final stage is to enter your mobile phone number in the appropriate field to link your profile. That's it. When you do everything, you will have two pages linked to one number.

However, it is worth remembering that this option is very risky. After all, most of these types of programs are nothing more than the most common and real viruses. They simply steal data from your current work profiles. Aren't you afraid? Then feel free to download this application. If common sense takes precedence over desires, then it is worth trying the only logical way out of the current situation.

New SIM card

Users who do not want to be deceived while wondering how to create a second VKontakte page can use one very interesting and logical approach. Since we are linking the account to the phone, we will have to buy a new SIM card and then register a profile for it.

Agree, this is a very simple and quick scenario for work. Go to any cellular store, buy any SIM card, and then just use it once. After registration, of course, it is better to make a call from your mobile phone once a month so that the number is not blocked and transferred to someone else. That's all. Now you are familiar with all the available ways to register a new profile on the VKontakte social network.

Foundation of VKontakte LLC and first successes

VKontakte LLC was founded at the beginning of 2007. As expected, Vyacheslav Mirilashvili became the owner of 60% of the shares. The rest were divided between Pavel Durov - 20%, Mikhail Mirilashvili and Lev Leviev - 10% each. Pavel’s brother, Nikolai Durov, becomes the technical director.

In its first years of development, VKontakte immediately competed with the then popular social media Odnoklassniki, and in 2008 it confidently overtook it, taking the position of the most popular resource on the Runet (according to Alexa). Meanwhile, new functionality appears on VKontakte - the ability to leave anonymous opinions, draw graffiti on users’ walls, audio and video recordings, and applications.

how to make a VKontakte page

How to make a VKontakte page? We will talk about this in detail in this article, and also point out the main subtleties and nuances that it is advisable to observe during this procedure. So let's get started.

How to make a VKontakte page?

If you have never used this social network before, then use the instructions below, and the registration process will take you about five or ten minutes.

Instructions: how to make a page on VKontakte

  1. We go to the Vkontakte website.
  2. On the left side of the screen we find the blue button “In Contact” - “Registration” - and click on it.
  3. A window opens in front of you in which you are asked to enter your data, namely your first and last name. Indicate only real information, since if you enter suspicious data, the administration has the right to block your page.
  4. After entering the required information, indicate your gender and click on the “Register” button.
  5. If you think that this data entry is complete, then you are mistaken - everything is ahead. Next, the system will prompt you to mark the country and city of your

    residence. Also provide reliable information, and then you have a better chance of finding acquaintances and friends on the popular social network.

  6. Enter your school number. After this, you will be asked to search for classmates. This step is optional and can be skipped if desired.
  7. The next thing the site system will require from you is to indicate the university where you studied or continue to study.
  8. The final step is to enter your mobile phone number. This is required in order to confirm that you are a real person and not just another fake. Attention: if a VKontakte account has already been registered on your phone number, then it cannot be reused. In this case, you will have to purchase another SIM card if you do not have one. After specifying the numbers, wait for an SMS on your phone with a confirmation code. It must be entered into a special field on the website.
  9. After this, you can assign a password to access your page and start using the site. It is also recommended to link to email. The system will remind you of this on the first day of use.

How to make a new VKontakte page?

If you already have a page on this social network. network and you need another one, then for this you will need a new phone number (this was already mentioned earlier). The sequence of actions will be identical. Also prepare a new email address, since the previous one, which you linked to your old page, is not suitable.

Page recovery

How to make a VKontakte page? If you simply forgot your account login and password, then there is no need to create a new profile. You can simply use the data recovery form. It is located on the main page of the site. The procedure will only take you a few minutes if your page was linked to a mobile phone.

This has come to the end of our article on how to create a VKontakte page. We hope that you have found all the necessary information for yourself, and it will definitely be useful to you.


In order to register another VKontakte page, you can use the same browser that you always use or install another Internet browser on your computer. In the first case, before registering, you will need to log out of an already opened account by clicking on the “Log Out” button on the right side of the screen. If you use an additional browser, you can keep two pages open at the same time.

  • Go to the official VKontakte website at
  • Click on the “Registration” button.
  • Enter your first and last name. If the user does not want other members of the social network to be able to find him, he can enter false data or use a pseudonym.
  • Enter a mobile phone number that has not yet been used to register on VKontakte and click on the “Get code” button.
  • Enter the code received in the SMS message in the appropriate field and click on the “Send code” button.
  • Create a password and click on the “Login to the site” button.

Next, the site will prompt the user to fill in some information about himself - educational institution, place of work. You can skip all this by clicking on the “Go to next step” button. In any case, if necessary, the user can always fill in all this information through the site settings.

How to make a VKontakte page: 5 simple steps

How to make a VKontakte page: 5 detailed steps for registration + how to make a beautiful link for a VKontakte page + method of deleting a page with restoration.

Social networks have simply taken over our world and the lives of many of us. Today, some people simply cannot imagine their existence without virtual communication, posting their photos on the Internet, etc.

In Russia, the most popular social network is Vkontakte, which was created by Pavel Durov back in 2006. Today, the number of registered accounts has exceeded 400 million, and this figure continues to grow.

Therefore, the question of how to make a VKontakte page is still relevant.

Making a VKontakte page in 5 steps

Step 1.

The first step to register a page is to go to the official website When you request “Create a VKontakte page” in search engines, you may get completely different addresses, for example, links to different manuals.

Step 2.

After clicking on the link, a registration window will appear on the screen.

You need the window that is located below (circled in red in the picture). As soon as you write your last name, first name and date of birth, click the “Register” button.

Registration can also be done through the mobile application (everything will look almost identical).

If you have a Facebook page, then you can do without registration and simply log in through your existing social network account.

Step 3.

Next you need to indicate the country where you live, city and mobile phone number.

Today, registration takes place only on the basis of linking the page to a mobile phone number. The administration was forced to do this for the safety of its users. If the page is accessed from an unknown computer or phone, a notification in the form of SMS will immediately be sent to your number.

Step 4.

After entering the number, you should receive an SMS on your phone containing a code to confirm your registration. Enter it in the specified field and click the “Submit Code” button.

Step 5.

After sending the code, you need to come up with a unique password that will be difficult for scammers to crack. After entering, you will immediately be taken to your VKontakte page.

Thus, the login is your phone number, and the password is a code that you yourself came up with. Be sure to write it down in your notebook so you don’t forget.

Advice! Do not use your date of birth, first name, last name, etc. for your password. For strong protection, you should use Latin letters + numbers mixed in a chaotic order.

Registration is now complete.

Next, you need to fill in the fields with personal information and photographs. If you decide to create an account to communicate with real friends/classmates, then you should provide reliable information about yourself, and also upload only your photos. This will make it easier for people to find you and add you to their friends list.

How to make a VKontakte page official?

The official VKontakte page is needed for those who are a public figure or represent an official community.

To confirm your status, the following checkmark will appear next to your name in your profile:

A VKontakte page can be made official in this way:

  1. Make sure that you meet the criteria of the VKontakte administration - otherwise no one will be able to get the page verified.
    Find the list of requirements here:
  2. If you are eligible, all you have to do is submit an application and wait for the administration’s decision:

How to make a link for a VKontakte page beautiful?

After you create your VK page, you will have your own link. Usually it looks like this:

You can find out your link in the settings section or simply in the address bar when you visit the page.

It is better, of course, that it consists of Latin letters, a word that can be easily read and remembered. This is especially important for owners of public groups.

How can you change a random combination of numbers to something more beautiful?

  1. Go to the settings window by clicking on your avatar in the top left.

  2. In the “Page Address” field, click on the “Change” button.

  3. Try different options until you find one that is not already taken.

As a result, you will become the owner of such a letter link, which will be very convenient to remember:

How to recover VKontakte password: 7 steps solution

How to delete a VKontakte page?

Many people are interested not only in how to create a contact page, but also in how to delete it. For various reasons, users decide to delete their account.

There are no restrictions regarding deleting; it is quite simple to do. And what’s especially nice is that you will have escape routes. But first things first!

First, you need to go to the specified address: Or go to the settings tab and simply scroll to the bottom of the window.

Let's return to the question that you can still change your mind about the fact that you no longer need a VKontakte account. Indeed, after deletion, the user still has the right to restore his page for some time.

To return your account to work, just go to the main page, where you will need to enter your login, password and click the “Restore” button.

According to the rules of the site, if a user does not visit a deleted account for 7 months, then it is permanently deleted.

After this, it is impossible to restore the old VKontakte page (including all the data that was stored on it).

Please note: after deletion (even permanent), your phone number still remains in the social network’s database. That is, it will no longer be possible to link another page to this number again.

Even after deletion, all the likes and comments you put on other people's pages will remain. If you do not want your first and last name to be on VK, then change them to fictitious ones before deleting.

How to create a VKontakte page?

Find out about it right now from this video:

Better yet, before you make a VKontakte page , think again about what part of your life you are ready to “open up” to other people. After all, despite all the precautions and privacy measures, what has already made its way onto the Internet is very difficult to remove from there without a trace.

Page design rules

First of all, you need to clearly understand that the page design must comply with certain rules. However, even taking this and all of the below into account, a creative approach to the process is also highly desirable.


Within the page, the avatar is the first thing that every visitor to your personal profile pays attention to. That is why you should not use photographs or drawings found on the Internet as your main photograph. The ideal choice would be your real photo in high quality.

Read more: How to change VK avatar

You can also make a block with photographs a full-fledged page decoration by reading one of our instructions. If you are not interested in this approach, it is better to completely hide the feed with the most recently added photos.

Read more: Setting a VK photo status


On the page you must provide only reliable information, which, if necessary, is hidden by standard privacy settings. This especially applies to name, age and gender.

Read more: How to change age and change VK name

Ideally, you should fill out as many additional fields as possible, tailored to your interests and contact information. The same applies to the status line.

Read more: How to put emoticons in VK status

You should not make your personal profile the face of the company, as it is best to create a community for these purposes. This way, only you should be the owner of the page.

Read more: How to create a VK community


The profile wall should be a repository of the most important information taken from other users or written by you personally. You should not add posts to your feed indiscriminately, unless you are not aiming to attract other people.

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You can set a post, for example, containing an advertisement for your community, as a pinned post. At the same time, the content should be as simple as possible, allowing page visitors to familiarize themselves with it without any problems.

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Under no circumstances should you approve every friend request that comes in, leaving the majority of users on your subscriber list. As long as you add only real friends and increase the number of subscribers, your page will rise higher among the internal search results.

How did Mail.Ru Group buy out 100% of VKontakte shares in 2014?

In April 2014, information appeared that 48% of VKontakte shares were purchased by the United Capital Partners fund - these were the shares of Vyacheslav and Mikhail Mirilashvili, as well as executive director Lev Leviev.

How and why? The motives of the co-founders, as well as the amount of the transaction, were not subject to disclosure. Thus, United Capital Partners becomes the largest shareholder of the social network. At the same time, 40% remains with Mail.Ru Group, and 12% with Durov. Meanwhile, VKontakte is setting new records.

On January 20, 2014, the number of social network users per day reached a record 60.2 million people. (LiveInternet statistics). Net profit in 2014 amounted to 709 million rubles, which is 15 times higher than the previous year.

Photo from Durov’s personal VKontakte page (January 21, 2014)

In January, Durov sells his share of VKontakte to Ivan Tavrin, who served as CEO at Megafon. And here you can track interesting facts.

As it turned out, the main owner of Megafon was Alisher Usmanov, who was also the controlling shareholder of Group. That is, Tavrin and Usmanov were actually partners. As a result, Usmanov, albeit indirectly, gained control over the VKontakte project, since the total share of Group and Tavrin amounted to 52% of the shares. By the way, the latter sold his 12% stake in Group in March.

In September, the holding announced that it was buying out the remaining 48% and receiving a 100% share of VKontakte. This is how Pavel Durov loses his “fight” to Group, to whom we can give credit. To completely absorb a seemingly unattainable project in about six months is not an easy task.

Invitation (invite) and via Facebook

The network mentions two methods (conditionally free) - importing a valid account from Facebook (using a VPN) and registering by invitation. Both indicate that a phone is not required. During the writing of the article, they were tested - they do not work, in both cases “sim” is required.

But importing from FB is a convenient option - all data is taken from the profile of a foreign social network and imported into a new VK profile. I will briefly describe it.

1. Go to the main page – Select Continue with Facebook.

2. In the pop-up window, log in.

3. Wait for the import to finish, enter the code from the SMS, create a new password - you’re done.

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