The best men's groups on VKontakte. The largest publics on VK. "Makeup Tips from David Bowie"

Any social network (social network) consists of users, like you and me, and various kinds of publics (groups). They can be in the form of online stores, flea markets, or simply an informative page for a specific catering establishment, a creative association, or a “skillful hands” circle.

Human psychology is such that in any community - real or virtual - he tries to find his place and his group (the effect of the so-called grouping). It is this feature that marketers use to attract customers to a particular area.

Did you know?

Participants: 5,641,240

Want to know a little more? Then this community is for you. We are sure that everyone will find something new for themselves here. a public page that contains only the most interesting facts about a wide variety of things.

Which groups do you consider the most useful and popular?

Collections of movies, films

A public page with the same “save it on your wall so you don’t forget to look.” For convenience, publications contain the videos themselves along with the lists of films. Lifehacker does not call for piracy: the collections can also be used to watch movies legally.


Representative office of the largest Russian cinema portal. Trailers, rumors and news from the world of cinema and, of course, live discussions - all this in the KinoPoisk community.

Let's take a look at home

A public website that recommends films for home viewing - films that are no longer shown in cinemas, but which are always pleasant to re-watch.


A public site administrated by some of the most popular voice-over authors of modern TV series. In the convenient navigation menu you can find information about dozens, and interesting news is published on the wall.

Recipes: do not read on an empty stomach!

The most popular group dedicated to cooking is called Simple Recipes, and it has 559 thousand subscribers. Do you want to know how to cook those same nuts with boiled condensed milk or have you run out of breakfast ideas? That way. We also liked that there are video recipes here, and with such step-by-step video instructions, even the most novice cook will be able to prepare something edible. You can also see how to arrange and decorate the dish. There are also a lot of discussions here, where not only culinary secrets are revealed.

I like to wash dishes and because of this, my husband and I sometimes quarrel: he believes that this is his responsibility, and I seem to be taking it away from him. )))

Another interesting public page with 174 thousand subscribers is the Best Recipes. You won’t be able to write much about him: comments are closed, peace and quiet, only the admin posts all sorts of culinary delights. So if you're looking for no-fuss recipes, head here.



For those who love soundtracks as much as the films themselves. Other public sites also publish music from popular films, but movie.soundtracks will also delight you with selections of compositions from old or little-known films.

New Albums

Not a single, even more or less noticeable, worthy release will pass by this public page. For supporters of legal listening, the selections are provided with links to Apple Music.

Perception of music

Musical selections of different genres. There are only two unifying criteria: quality and beauty. For convenience, the community has a search by genre, as well as a schedule according to which thematic collections are published.

Native sound

A public page for fans eager for new discoveries. “Native Sound” publishes both selections of fairly well-known performers (Tesla Boy, Pompeya) and little-known ones, but tested by very picky administrators.

History of music

In this group, multi-genre selections are accompanied by generous references for interesting facts. For example, “Day in Music History” posts are published daily, reporting on events in the world of music that happened many years ago.

Men's Looks

As the name suggests, the main task of the Men's Looks group is to show men how to dress. The main content consists of photographs of men's street fashion. In addition to recommendations on appearance, they also publish lists of recommended books to read; music selections and videos with tips on how to tie a tie or make a shirt out of money.

Link to the Men's Looks group:

Number of subscribers: 152587.

The photo was published in the Men's Looks group


Books & Audiobooks

This community publishes both book selections and individual works. An excellent option for those who like to listen to VKontakte audio while on the go: most of the posts on the wall are accompanied by audiobooks.

A thousand devils, what a book!

A public page telling about worthy writers and their works. In addition to collections, audio books and reference information, TCKK has another important advantage - the opportunity to communicate with like-minded people. The works are actively discussed in the comments, and the administration publishes a daily evening entry “What book do you read at night?”

The science

Space Museum

The official public page of the Museum of Cosmonautics, founded in Moscow in 1981. Not only news from the life of the institution, but also interesting facts about the history of space exploration are published on the wall.


Representation of the popular science publication N+1 “VKontakte”. Articles are published on the latest technological developments, news from the world of physics, biology, astronautics and robotics.


“The history of culture in video, texts and photographs” is a description that fully corresponds to the content published by the Arzamas publication. In the community you can learn a lot of new things about interesting things that are not taught in history and literature lessons, for example about vegetarianism in pre-revolutionary Russia and secret signs in Oblomov by Ivan Goncharov.

History elective

Texts in which the character and individuality of the author are felt are sometimes much more interesting to read than the usual articles written in an informational style. The author of the public is Olya Andreeva, a columnist for the Diletant publication, who delights subscribers with weekly articles on history.

Sports and fitness

Sports articles | Body-building

In this public, the purpose of motivating is not catchy quotes, but detailed, useful texts, recommendations from which can be applied in practice. Articles from this community will help you not only give your body the desired shape, but also do it competently, without harming your health.

Personal trainer

Another public page for those for whom improving the body is not just another hobby, but one of the prevailing goals in life. Many posts are supported by videos.

Body fitness, fitness bikini, fitness

In this community you can find all the information you need to keep your body in shape: motivational quotes, funny pictures, exercise instructions, nutrition tips and even diet recipes.


PP. Healthy lifestyle Recipes

Continuing the previous category: a public page with recipes for dishes that will not harm your figure. The administrators assure that all recipes are original, and the photographs of the dishes are real.

Cook it! - delicious recipes

A public page with regular recipes, not just for those losing weight. Its audience is more than two million people, and the number of entries is approaching 60 thousand, which allows us to talk about Cook it! as one of the most popular and complete recipe books on VKontakte. For convenience, the “Information” block contains a special “Search for recipes” item.

Vulgar publics on VKontakte

Again, analyzing the traffic statistics, I noticed that many of you are looking for vulgar public pages. Well, if you like it, then get it, you are immoral

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